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Patras is the third largest populated city of Greece, capital of the prefecture of Achaia in Western Greece region and the largest urban center and port of Peloponnese.


Roman aqueduct: The first systematic aqueduct of Patras is located at the foot of the hill Dassilio and it’s Roman work.

Auditorium: Near the Ancient conservatory came to light ruins of an amphitheater probably of the first century A.C. Together with the ancient conservatory will be a complete set of high archaeological value.

Ancient conservatory: To the west of Acropolis in Upper Town is the Roman conservatory of Patras, older from the conservatory of Athens (Hirodio 160 BC).

The Castle of Patras: Patras Castle is built on a low hill of Panachaicon located approximately 800 meters from the shore. Built by Justinian around 551 AC for the protection of the region and its inhabitants.

Achaia Clauss: The Tower of Achaia Clauss is the first Greek winery built in 1861 and today produces some of the most famous Greek wines. At the area, the visitor can admire the nature, the historical buildings, wooden aging barrels from 1873 of the famous Mavrodafni and the Cellar Daniilidos, try some of the finest wines of Achaia Clauss.

Y.I.S. Glaucus (Hydro-Electric Station): The first hydroelectric factory in Greece, operating since 1927 as a municipal enterprise. Today belongs to the Public Power Corporation which has created a Museum of the history of the station. Located in the region, Glafkos, 8 km southeast of downtown Patras.